Turbulent weather happens not only in the atmosphere. Life Changes represented here by stormy weather can test even the strongest relationships. 
The confines of unhealthy environments stunts the growth and discourages the soul.  
There are many steps to climb in a Life Change. The top can be scary; but, take one step at a time.
Life Change can be around the corner or around the world. Don’t be afraid to explore.
Life is changing all around. It’s up to us to find and experience even the smallest things.  These small blooms represent life’s struggles to spring forth and change with the seasons.
Life changes sometimes mean relocation. New city, new experiences. Every day is a new adventure!
As new life changes take root, live in the present, the past is past and the future is yet to come.
Life Changes include community. These Dogwood trees remind us that we are stronger in numbers and need that support to grow and flourish.
This Egyptian revival amphitheater reminds us that life will come full circle. Try to look beyond the obvious for the hidden treasures in life.
As the sun sets on the present day, tomorrow is promised in its setting. Life changes in a moment. It’s up to us to make the best of it. The past is past for it cannot be changed, live in the present for the moment is fleeting and do not fear the future for it is yet to come; tomorrow.
The Sphynx look east and west. East in rememberance of the past and west in looking toward the future. They cover their eyes because neither one wants to see history repeat itself. Neither do I but I intend to look West with my eyes open because I want to be aware of the future and prepare for its new experiences.
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