Life Changes
Life changes sometimes every minute or in the blink of an eye. Time passes quickly as we idly count the sunrise and sunsets. An important thing to remember is; we are never too old, dumb or stuck to reinvent ourselves, grow and change, even if the location stays the same. This journey in images represents just that; a Life Change brought about by turbulent weather in relationships, unhealthy life patterns and the progressive uphill climb to new life and experiences yet to be uncovered. May we always find life’s changes and challenges inspiring, creative and ever inventive as we strive to experience every day to its fullest potential. Yours in Light; Julie A. Zagorski
Essence of Light
This series communicates the spirituality and connection to nature developed over a lifetime of energy, emotions and experiences projected visually. Representing myself and character. Primarily displaying my inert passion of photography and all forms in the study of light. I found each project emotionally challenging to creatively communicate the energy inside myself that drives me creatively. Through the study of other fine art photographers; both historic and contemporary, I found my interests and approach most inspired by fine art photographers like Connie Imboden. My style has evolved to encompass reflection and the obscure properties of water. It seems to be an integral part of my work and character. In this series, I’ve discovered the light paintings by themselves also portray my character with spirituality, motion and rhythm. The special finishing treatments of layering and masking provided the double exposure effects of the light painting and nature scenes, but each image I am proud to say is created exclusively in camera with minimal retouching.
The Four Humors Series
Fine Art Light Painting
Architectural - Arcade Artists Apartments - St Louis MO
Rocky Mountain Lake. Rocky Mountain National Forest '16
Rocky Mountain Lake, on top of the Rocky Mountain National Forest scenic drive in Boulder Colorado, Nov 2016. Infrared High Dynamic Range Panorama, Sunset.
Urban Legends - Jefferson County MO, 2016
Urban Legends Investigation, Jefferson County Missouri. Night Images visiting The Blackwell Masonic Cemetery, St Louis Rd and Boyd Street of DeSoto. All very interesting and enlightening places!
These Eyes...
These Eyes.... A Poem and Photography ©2016 Julie A Zagorski
Luxurious Accessories
This collection exudes luxury in its high key and balanced tonal exposure in this studio product display. Created for the view camera theory class receiving a completed A- grade. Lovingly created from antique jewelry and silver service; the light, tonality and reflective qualities are exceptional.
Adventures in St Louis Food
This collection contains images featured within the Taste of St Louis visits throughout the St Louis Region. These restaurants are all highly acclaimed sponsors of the award winning 11 year National Food Event. Editorial Style; these images are part of my Photography Internship in cooperation with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. Original Images created and copyright Julie A. Zagorski. Restarunts and their perspective food, staff and attmosphere copyright remain with their owners.
Blue Moon Flare - Surrealism Landscape
In honor of the most recent Blue Moon event on July 31st, 2015, this surrealist landscape is created from multiple long exposures from the night sky between the hours of sunset and Midnight. Commercial and Personal licenses or prints available. Please contact me for details.
Advertising Montage
Be Where You Want to Be... An Advertising Final Montage with New Balance Country Walk Shoes.
Illusions of Nature - Winter 2015 © Collection
This Surrealist landscape collection is presented EXACTLY as I would like you to view it. All images were created solely in camera without any Photoshop filter or manipulation. Only basic editing techniques applied. It is the first series of seasonal surrealist landscapes and all images are original and Copyright ©2015.
Selective Focus: Advertising Photography PH310
Create a Selective Focus Product advertisement using interesting background, lighting and product focus. This is my submitted image. I'm always interested in inspirational or educational critiques.
Float Mount Historical Wall Collage
Float Mount Metallic Wall Collage produced by fixating metal inks onto stainless steel plates. Each piece is individually produced and hung separately to create a finished wall collage measuring 4 ft x 5 ft. It is hung in both the Festus and St Louis offices of Hovis & Associates.
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